Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Brandy Banana Pudding Shots

These little shots are excellent way to combine two of the best things: booze and desserts. It's a great way to have a little dessert at your party, and get a little buzz with it.

*Please note, these are only for those of legal drinking age. Please consume responsibly.*

Dr. Pepper
Milk (I used 2%, but whatever you have should work)
1 box of Banana Cream pudding - 3.9oz  *Make sure it's the instant kind*
Cool Whip
Plastic Shot cups - you can pick these up at party city or a local restaurant supply store. See photo below:
Step one:
Mix 3.9oz box of Banana Cream pudding with 3/4 cup milk

Step two:
Add 1/3 cup Dr. Pepper and 1/2 cup of Brandy and stir together.

Step three:
FOLD in 8oz of cool whip. It should be a little thick, as it will not set as well as jello does.

Step four:
Add pudding to the shot cups. I transferred the pudding to a ziploc bag and sealed. I then cut a corner of the bag off (not the zipper part). Hold the bag between your thumb and hand and slowly open to drop pudding into cups.

Excuse my two AMF shots in there, I made these at the same time. (You can find that recipe here.)

Step six:
Put them in the fridge (not the freezer!) for a good few hours before serving. I like to prepare mine the night before so they get to the perfect consistency.

Yes, I do make a mess. Add cool whip or whipped cream to the top for extra flavor!

These are inspired by my husband with his Dr. Pepper and Brandy drink, that would be awesome with banana.


  1. Omg want!! Why have I never had these? Hahaha! Must try them!! <3

  2. This recipe is indeed a great way to have a little desert at your party and get a little buzz with it. My cousin tried this recipe for pudding shots before, and we really enjoyed the flavor. The kids got a taste of it too, since they mentioned they wanted pudding, even though we told them it had brandy in it.